These chairs are finished in old style milk paint. Some people are surprised that a fine and expensive piece of furniture would be painted, but that is how Windsor chairs were done traditionally. These chairs are made with a mixture of woods, depending on the part and its function. The paint allows the whole shape to work as a unified design, and not have the eye distracted by the wood variations. If you would rather a natural finish, I could do that for you, of course.

Seat height is 17". Priced at $1,050 for a single. Multiple price on inquiry.

I made a batch of these continuous arm Windsors many years ago and none since. However, I would very much enjoy building some more, as I think this is a wonderful design. People familiar with the style will notice that the legs on my version are quite slimmed down, and lack the boisterous turnings of the traditional ones. This works a bit better with my other pieces. (If you would prefer the older style, there are many excellent craftsmen who do fine reproductions. I'd be glad to refer.)

These chairs are sturdy and comfortable. The main joints are through morticed and wedged, meaning that the tops of the legs, for example, go through a hole in the seat. Then the ends are splayed out slightly, making a very tight locking joint. This also is done for all the spindles where they join the back bow.

The comfort comes from several factors: the seat is deeply sculpted; the back has a bit of flex in it; and the seat and back form just the right angle so you neither slide out or have trouble getting out.

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine