This trestle table is my own design, although the form is very recognizably colonial American. It is simple, elegant, and very functional. It's popular for good reason. My own family uses one of these as our dining table and has had many happy meals at it. However, the table is very adaptable, and can also be used as a breakfast table, project space, or office desk. Wood choice is also an option, with cherry, maple or walnut all working well.

Construction is true mortice and tenon throughout. The end of the stretcher beam has an exposed through tenon, wedged from the outside. It's very strong, but also a nice decorative effect. Breadboards cap each end of the top, also a nice effect and good structure. I wrote about this piece, design and construction, in Fine Woodworking #141.

The table pictured here is in cherry, measures 36" wide x 72" long x 30" high, and seats six with comfort. It is priced at $2,950. Prices for other sizes and woods are easily quoted.

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine