Many years ago, a customer asked me to design "stools that are both comfortable, well proportioned and graceful." They were very pleased with the results, and I think you would be as well. For comfort, the seat is well sculpted to fit the sitter, while the curved low back gives support in just the right place. Stretchers are placed for structure, and to be a comfortable footrest. The posts and rungs are all through tenoned and wedged to themselves and the seat for strength.

As for an attractive design, I avoided using just straight dowels for the turned parts, which is something you will see on even high priced others. My turnings have a gentle swell, then taper. The back has plenty of curve, made by laminating many thin pieces of stock and not just sawn out. This lets the grain flow continuously.

The height is set for use at a kitchen counter . Dimensions are seat height of 26", overall 36". However, I can make the stool to work for bar top height, or anything you would like to use it for.

In cherry, priced at $950 for one, or $850 for multiples.

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine