This six board chest is among one of my earliest pieces of furniture, and remains a favorite. I use very wide pine boards (harder and harder to find), so that each side and the top are a single width board. I still have a few pieces of wide pine in stock, but you should get in an order soon if you want one! Hand cut dovetails, thumbnail molded top, and a bracket foot base are all classic details. The inside has lots of space for storage, and the cedar lined bottom will keep your woolens smelling fresh.

The dimensions vary with the size of the boards being used. But a typical chest will be 40" wide x 24" high x 20" deep. It can also be made in hardwoods, such as cherry, although it's unlikely that the parts would be single width pieces. In such cases, however, I do match the boards well to give a very uniform look.

Prices vary, but would range around $2,200. Please call and discuss what you'd like.

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine