65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine
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Blanket Chest with Drawer, in cherry, oil/varnish finish, 40"W x 27"H x 20"D

I can say without hesitation that this is one of my very best pieces, and a favorite. The Shakers in several communities made chests such as this one throughout the nineteenth century. My version, while not a strict reproduction, is distinctly Shaker. I wrote an article about the building of this chest for Fine Woodworking magazine (October, 2004), and it was subsequently shown by the editors in a display of authors' work.

The cherry wood is beautifully curled, and was a matched set of boards from Pennsylvania. Construction joinery is traditional, with lots of dovetails! The finish is an oil/varnish, which nicely protects the wood while leaving it looking natural and with a lovely luster. The interior of the upper section, under the lid, is lined with cedar, to keep storedwollens smelling fresh.

I would be happy to further describe this piece. I'll try to sell it soon because my wife has been casting longing glances its way! To a good home, it is priced at $3,900. Please inquire.


With small items such as this coffee table, I am able to use some special pieces of wood. In this case, it is a lovely cherry board with deep, rich color and grain for the top. Gentle curves in the top, and upward curves in the aprons, give this simple table extra interest and life. The finish is an oil/varnish mix. The size is 44" wide x 20" deep x 18" high. Price: $900


A gorgeous writing desk in American black cherry from Pennsylvania. Plenty of space to spread out your work, or open up a laptop. A pencil drawer under the main surface will hold lots of items, while cubbies and three small drawers can really help with organization. The whole piece was made from a single cherry log, which makes for a lovely and consistent grain and color. I made this piece several years ago, so it now the color is beautifully deep and rich. Traditional construction with lots of hand cut dovetails, of course. A real showstopper that will look great in your home. Priced very reasonably at $3,900.

Size: 40" wide x 30" deep x 42" high (writing surface is 30" high)


This bow front hall table is in cherry. The front and sides have a quarter sawn cut, which gives the surface a shimmering effect. There is no visible hardware on the drawer so the whole piece has a very clean and unbroken look. The bow curve is graceful and subtle. This particular piece was featured on the cover of Fine Woodworking and is one of my favorites. 51" wide x 19" deep x 32" high. Price is $2,300. (additional photos on request)


Schoolmaster's desk, in walnut. A piece that has been in my showroom for many years, so it has acquired a very deep and rich patina. It would be wonderful to use as a standing desk in an office or workroom. Rest your foot on the front rail. The top has the traditional slant, but it's not too steep to accomodate a laptop. The desk lid lifts up to reveal lots of storage space, and the drawer below is spacious as well. All traditional dovetail and mortice & tenon construction throughout. Oil/varnish finish. 49" high x 36" wide x 24" deep. Price is $2,900.

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine