This is the desk that I have in my own study, and one of the first case pieces I made (many years ago!). It's done in pine, using some wonderful, slow growth "pumpkin pine" that has mellowed and darkened to look like something from a museum or antique auction. It is inspired by the Shakers, who used this type of desk to manage the family's business. They would have eschewed the "tombstone" pattern in the upper door panels, of course. But I couldn't resist the fun of making these.

This desk is made as one piece, although I'd seriously consider constructing it as two: top and base. It's pretty tall, and can be a challenge to move. But I haven't had to budge it in twenty five years, and can enjoy it's authenticity as a single piece.

The writing surface is 36" high, so really made to work with a stool or high chair (or standing). Overall dimensions are 87" high x 34" wide x 17" deep (31" with the writing surface out). The design could be modified to be shorter, with the writing surface at chair height.

It's such a unique piece of furniture and made so long ago, that I really don't have a price off the top of my head. But if you're interested, I do have some pine I could use, and would love to discuss making one for you. Let me know!

65 Delano Road, Woolwich, Maine